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Marr, Bernard - Big Data For Small Business For Dummies, ebook

Big Data For Small Business For Dummies

Marr, Bernard


Capitalise on big data to add value to your small business
Written by bestselling author and big data expert Bernard Marr, Big Data For Small Business For Dummies helps you understand what big data actually is—and how you can analyse and use it

Larimo, Jorma - Value Creation in International Business, ebook

Value Creation in International Business

Larimo, Jorma


Value Creation During Different Development Stages: What Changes When an Entrepreneurial Firm Transforms into a Multinational Corporation?
Peter Zettinig, Birgitta Sandberg, Sascha Fuerst
6. A Service-Ecosystem Perspective on Value Creation: Implications for

Brady, Karren - Playing to Win: 10 Steps to Achieving Your Goals, ebook

Playing to Win: 10 Steps to Achieving Your Goals

Brady, Karren


Although the club was the "football equivalent of a rubbish dump" and women were barely even seen on the terraces in the early 90s, Karren Brady persuaded her backers to acquire the club and single-mindedly revolutionised it, clearing the debt, taking Birmingham City into the Premier League and transforming

Scarbrough, Harry - The Evolution of Business Knowledge, ebook

The Evolution of Business Knowledge

Scarbrough, Harry


This book challenges much of the rhetoric about the role of knowledge in business. Although top managers hail knowledge and learning as the source of their competitive edge, the rich empirical studies presented in the book question this top-down perspective. It will make compelling reading