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Downes, Nick - The Training Estate - Volume 1, ebook

The Training Estate - Volume 1

Downes, Nick


It is also a fearsome place for the trainers who have to endure three months of initiation, as if they were to become full time slaves themselves. Karen answers a discreetly worded advertisement and gains entrance to the exciting sexually charged world of the estate,

Downes, Nick - The Training Estate - Volume 3, ebook

The Training Estate - Volume 3

Downes, Nick


Life at the Peon Estate takes a new turn when one of the patrons arrives with his teenage son, who is about to get his first taste of dominance and slavery. Three girls also arrive at the Estate, in crates, about to get their first taste of submission…

Hollowood, Tracey - Sensory Evaluation: A Practical Handbook, ebook

Sensory Evaluation: A Practical Handbook

Hollowood, Tracey


This book is a practical guide to sensory evaluation methods and techniques in the food, cosmetic and household product industries. It explains the suitability of different testing methods for different situations and offers step-by-step instructions…

Downes, Nick - The Training Estate - Volume 2, ebook

The Training Estate - Volume 2

Downes, Nick


Paula Harding a proud, arrogant, sadistic torturer, has been betrayed by her employer and now finds herself a helpless whipped slave in the power of the Peon Estate where mercy is an unknown quantity and the life of a slavegirl only improved by total and complete submission - and then only if the

McKimm, Judy - ABC of Clinical Leadership, ebook

ABC of Clinical Leadership

McKimm, Judy


The ABC of Clinical Leadership explores and develops the key principles of leadership and management.  It outlines the scope of clinical leadership, emphasising its importance in the clinical context, especially for improving patient care and health…

Cassella, John Paul - Forensic Science Education and Training, ebook

Forensic Science Education and Training

Cassella, John Paul


A comprehensive and innovative guide to teaching, learning and assessment in forensic science education and practitioner training
Includes student exercises for mock crime scene and disaster scenarios Addresses innovative teaching methods including…