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Downes, Nick - The Training Estate - Volume 1, ebook

The Training Estate - Volume 1

Downes, Nick


It is a fearsome place, the Estate where girls abducted or delivered by their owners, experience savage and unrelenting training to turn them into perfectly submissive slaves. It is also a fearsome place for the trainers who have to endure three months…

Downes, Nick - The Training Estate - Volume 3, ebook

The Training Estate - Volume 3

Downes, Nick


Life at the Peon Estate takes a new turn when one of the patrons arrives with his teenage son, who is about to get his first taste of dominance and slavery. Three girls also arrive at the Estate, in crates, about to get their first taste of submission…

Downes, Nick - The Training Estate - Volume 2, ebook

The Training Estate - Volume 2

Downes, Nick


The Torturer Enslaved. Paula Harding a proud, arrogant, sadistic torturer, has been betrayed by her employer and now finds herself a helpless whipped slave in the power of the Peon Estate where mercy is an unknown quantity and the life of a slavegirl…

Culdrose, Julius - Cheeks, ebook


Culdrose, Julius


Julius is a man who has devoted his life to the appreciation of the female posterior and all the various ways it can provide pleasure. He doesn't stop at mere voyeuristic delights though, his interests extend to the use of paddles, whips and canes as…

Jubany, Olga - Screening Asylum in a Culture of Disbelief, ebook

Screening Asylum in a Culture of Disbelief

Jubany, Olga


Table of contents
1. Asylum Screening from Within
Olga Jubany
2. Asylum Seeking and the Threatened State
Olga Jubany
3. Subcultures of Social Control
Olga Jubany
4. Trained to Spot the Truth
Olga Jubany
5. Deconstructing Asylum Seekers’ Narratives
Olga Jubany
6. A Subculture of Disbelief

Chokr, Nader N. - Unlearning, ebook


Chokr, Nader N.


An alternative (appealing to the Latin root "educere" – "to lead out or draw out") wants to produce well-trained minds and create individuals capable of questioning, critical thinking, imagination, and self-reflective deliberation as engaged citizens. This book commends

The Creative Process In The Individual

The Creative Process In The Individual

Hilton, Warren


Warren Hilton was the author of: Initiative Psychic Energy, Power of Mental Imagery, The Trained Memory, Applied Psychology (12 volumes). He was the founder of the society of Applied Psychology.

Hunt, Michael - The Pet Master, ebook

The Pet Master

Hunt, Michael


His trained Pets are also there to help with the training. The new raw Pets have a long time ahead of them, ready to fulfil the demanding requirements of the Pet Master's clients. Finally they are displayed, before being transported to their destination.

Williamson, Ann - Brief Psychological Interventions in Practice, ebook

Brief Psychological Interventions in Practice

Williamson, Ann


As a result, a growing army of people is being trained to offer emotional and psychological support in primary care settings. This practical guide to using brief psychological interventions within a short consultation draws together techniques from a number of approaches