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Bushnell, Rebecca - Tragedy: A Short Introduction, ebook

Tragedy: A Short Introduction

Bushnell, Rebecca


Tragedy: A Short Introduction reinvigorates the genre for readers who are eager to embrace it, but who often find the traditional masterpieces too distant from their own language and world.
Argues that today’s most popular television shows and films thrive on the type of violence,

Bushnell, Rebecca - A Companion to Tragedy, ebook

A Companion to Tragedy

Bushnell, Rebecca


A Companion to Tragedy is an essential resource for anyone interested in exploring the role of tragedy in Western history and culture.
Tells the story of the historical development of tragedy from classical Greece

Baker, Stephanie Alice - Social Tragedy, ebook

Social Tragedy

Baker, Stephanie Alice


Performing Social Tragedy: Exploring the “New British Spirit” a Decade Beyond the Death of Princess Diana
Stephanie Alice Baker
4. Recalling Social Tragedy: Staging Zinédine Zidane’s Transgression on France’s Postcolonial

Rabinowitz, Nancy Sorkin - Greek Tragedy, ebook

Greek Tragedy

Rabinowitz, Nancy Sorkin


Greek Tragedy sets ancient tragedy into its original theatrical, political and ritual context and applies modern critical approaches to understanding why tragedy continues to interest modern audiences.
An engaging introduction to Greek tragedy,

Brown, Sarah Annes - Tragedy in Transition, ebook

Tragedy in Transition

Brown, Sarah Annes


Tragedy in Transition is an innovative and exciting introduction to the theory and practice of tragedy.
Looks at a broad range of topics in the field of tragedy in literature, from ancient to contemporary times Explores the links between writers

Tammilehto, Olli - The Tragedy of Transport, ebook

The Tragedy of Transport

Tammilehto, Olli


The Tragedy of Transport takes a critical look at one of the main pillars of our consumerist lifestyle: the global transport system. More comprehensively than anything published to date, it provides a unique overview of how freight transport contributes to climate change and pollution of

Raeburn, David - Greek Tragedies as Plays for Performance, ebook

Greek Tragedies as Plays for Performance

Raeburn, David


This is a unique introduction to Greek tragedy that explores the plays as dramatic artifacts intended for performance and pays special attention to construction, design, staging, and musical composition. Written by a scholar who combines his academic understanding of Greek tragedy