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Sinclair, Euan - Volatility Trading, ebook

Volatility Trading

Sinclair, Euan


Popular guide to options pricing and position sizing for quant traders
In this second edition of this bestselling book, Sinclair offers a quantitative model for measuring volatility in order to gain an edge in everyday option trading endeavors. With an accessible, straightforward approach,

Larson, Mark L. - Big Money, Less Risk: Trade Options, ebook

Big Money, Less Risk: Trade Options

Larson, Mark L.


Mark Larson has become one of the most sought after trading educators because of his ability to make once elusive investment approaches accessible to every trader.
Success in the stock market is determined by consistently making

Choudhry, Moorad - Analysing and Interpreting the Yield Curve, ebook

Analysing and Interpreting the Yield Curve

Choudhry, Moorad


This groundbreaking new book offers:An intuitive account of a very important technical subject, cutting through the mathematics to reveal key conceptsMarket approaches to enable fund managers to evaluate the current and expected shape of the yield curveAn opportunity