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Sahu, Saura C. - Toxicology and Epigenetics, ebook

Toxicology and Epigenetics

Sahu, Saura C.


This dynamic and rapidly developing discipline is making its impact across the biomedical sciences, in particular in toxicology where epigenetic differences can mean that different individuals respond differently to the same drug or chemical.
Toxicology and Epigenetics

Folkers, Gerd - Predictive Toxicology: From Vision to Reality, Volume 64, ebook

Predictive Toxicology: From Vision to Reality, Volume 64

Folkers, Gerd


Tailored to the needs of drug developers, this one-stop reference for medicinal chemists covers all the latest developments in the field of predictive toxicology and its applications in safety assessment.
With a keen emphasis on novel approaches, the topics have been tackled by selected

Hughes, Claude L. - Translational Toxicology, ebook

Translational Toxicology

Hughes, Claude L.


The Opportunity to Translate Developmental Toxicology into a Therapeutic Discipline
Claude L. Hughes, Michael D. Waters, David Allen, Iyabo Obasanjo
2. The Role of Toxicokinetics and Toxicodynamics in Developmental and Translational Toxicology
Edward L.

Abou-Donia, Mohamed - Mammalian Toxicology, ebook

Mammalian Toxicology

Abou-Donia, Mohamed


Mammalian Toxicology surveys chemical agents and examineshow such chemicals impact on human health, emphasizing theimportance in minimizing environmental exposure to chemical andphysical hazards in our homes, communities and workplaces throughsuch media as contaminated water, soil and air.

Ballantyne, Bryan - Pesticide Toxicology and International Regulation, ebook

Pesticide Toxicology and International Regulation

Ballantyne, Bryan


This book brings together key features of the toxicology and occupational hazards of pesticides and the way their use is regulated in the main trading regions of the world. There are chapters on each of the main groups of insecticides, namely organochlorines, anticholinesterases and pyrethrins

Samadfam, Rana - Bone Toxicology, ebook

Bone Toxicology

Samadfam, Rana


Bone Toxicology in Preclinical Drug Testing
1. Introduction and Considerations in Bone Toxicology
Susan Y. Smith, Nancy Doyle, Melanie Felx
2. Bone Physiology and Biology
Jürg Andreas Gasser, Michaela Kneissel
3. Specific Considerations for Bone

Luch, Andreas - Molecular, Clinical and Environmental Toxicology, ebook

Molecular, Clinical and Environmental Toxicology

Luch, Andreas


Table of contents
1. Historical milestones and discoveries that shaped the toxicology sciences
Antoinette N. Hayes, Steven G. Gilbert
2. Physiologically based toxicokinetic models and their application in human exposure and internal dose assessment
David Kim, Leena A. Nylander-French
3. The role of biotransformation

Luch, Andreas - Molecular, Clinical and Environmental Toxicology, ebook

Molecular, Clinical and Environmental Toxicology

Luch, Andreas


Table of contents
1. Toxins from bacteria
James S. Henkel, Michael R. Baldwin, Joseph T. Barbieri
2. Toxicology of mycotoxins
Robert R. M. Paterson, Nelson Lima
3. Phycotoxins: chemistry, mechanisms of action and shellfish poisoning
Gian Paolo Rossini, Philipp Hess
4. Poisonous plants
Robert H.

Feng, Weiyue - Toxicology of Nanomaterials, ebook

Toxicology of Nanomaterials

Feng, Weiyue


A variety of techniques in molecular toxicology of nanomaterials is presented, followed by a detailed explanation of interaction between nanoparticles and biomacromolecules, including the structure-toxicity relationships of nanomaterials. Finally, the book concludes

Laws, Edward A. - Environmental Toxicology, ebook

Environmental Toxicology

Laws, Edward A.


Environmental Toxicology, Introduction
Edward A. Laws
2. Airborne Toxic Chemicals
April Hiscox, Mark Macauda
3. Bioaccumulation/Biomagnifications in Food Chains
Paul K. Bienfang, Henry Trapido-Rosenthal, Edward A. Laws
4. Biomarkers and Metabolomics,