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Bercegol, Rémi de - Small Towns and Decentralisation in India, ebook

Small Towns and Decentralisation in India

Bercegol, Rémi de


From Local to Regional Challenges, the Political Profile of the Small Towns’ Municipal Councils
Rémi Bercegol
4. Between Urban Imbalances and Technical Constraints: The Challenges of Managing Local Public Services
Rémi Bercegol
5. From Dependence

Borges, Marcelo J. - Company Towns, ebook

Company Towns

Borges, Marcelo J.


Company Towns: Concepts, Historiography, and Approaches
Marcelo J. Borges, Susana B. Torres
2. Form and Reform: The Garden City of Hellerau-bei-Dresden, Germany, between Company Town and Model Town
Marynel Ryan Zee
3. From Colonial Company Town to Industrial

Wolfe, Michael - Walled Towns and the Shaping of France, ebook

Walled Towns and the Shaping of France

Wolfe, Michael


Walled Towns during the Wars of Religion
Michael Wolfe
Part III. The Walls Come Down (1600–1750)
7. State Building and Urban Fortifications
Michael Wolfe
8. Opening Towns, Closing Frontiers
Michael Wolfe

Beaven, Brad - Port Towns and Urban Cultures, ebook

Port Towns and Urban Cultures

Beaven, Brad


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Brad Beaven, Karl Bell, Robert James
Part I. Urban-Maritime Cultures
2. Strangers Ashore: Sailor Identity and Social Conflict in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Cape Town
Nigel Worden
3. ‘Hail, Tyneside…

Tiwari, Alok - Urban Infrastructure Research, ebook

Urban Infrastructure Research

Tiwari, Alok


Table of contents
1. An Overview of Contemporary Urban Infrastructure Research
Alok Tiwari
2. Themes in Urban Infrastructure Research in Ethiopian Cities
Alok Tiwari
3. An Appraisal on Literature Review
Alok Tiwari
4. Review…

Coelen, Thomas - Education, Space and Urban Planning, ebook

Education, Space and Urban Planning

Coelen, Thomas


Table of contents
1. Common Points Between Urban Development and Education
Thomas Coelen, Anna Juliane Heinrich, Angela Million
Part I. Schools and the Neighbourhood
2. Reflections on the Relationship Between Schools and the City