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Plumley, George - WordPress 24-Hour Trainer, ebook

WordPress 24-Hour Trainer

Plumley, George


This easy-to-use, friendly guide will show you how to create and edit pages, integrate your site with social media, keep your site secure, make content more search engine friendly to help drive website traffic, troubleshoot the most common WordPress issues, and much

Jacobson, Howie - Google AdWords For Dummies, ebook

Google AdWords For Dummies

Jacobson, Howie


This handy guide walks you through the newest tips, tricks, and techniques for maximizing your AdWords campaign. Presenting coverage that is nearly entirely rewritten or revised, this practical guide adds chapters on topics such as ad extensions, feeds for e-commerce,

Alexander, Michael - Excel 2016 Power Programming with VBA, ebook

Excel 2016 Power Programming with VBA

Alexander, Michael


Over 800 pages of tips, tricks, and best practices shed light on key topics, such as the Excel interface, file formats, enhanced interactivity with other Office applications, and improved collaboration features. In addition to

Murphy, John J. - Solution-Focused Counseling in Schools, ebook

Solution-Focused Counseling in Schools

Murphy, John J.


This edition includes new chapters and information on the restrictive influence of problems, strategies for building positive relationships, collecting client feedback to monitor and improve services, and coconstructing solvable problems and reachable goals. Real-life

Ball, Bradley - Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Administration, ebook

Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Administration

Ball, Bradley


In-memory OLTP, Buffer Pool Extensions for SSDs, and a new Cardinality Estimator can improve functionality and smooth out the workflow, but only if you understand their full capabilities. Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2014 is your comprehensive guide to working

Lombard, Matt - Mastering SolidWorks, ebook

Mastering SolidWorks

Lombard, Matt


Fundamental techniques are detailed with real-world examples for hands-on learning, and the companion website provides tutorial files for all exercises. Even veteran users will find value in new techniques that make familiar tasks faster, easier, and more organized,