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Reiss, Eric - Usable Usability: Simple Steps for Making Stuff Better, ebook

Usable Usability: Simple Steps for Making Stuff Better

Reiss, Eric

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Boasting a full-color interior packed with design and layout examples, this book teaches you how to understand a user's needs, divulges techniques for exceeding a user's expectations, and provides a host of hard won advice for improving the overall quality of a user's

LeClaire, Jennifer - Web Analytics For Dummies, ebook

Web Analytics For Dummies

LeClaire, Jennifer


Performing your first Web site analysis just got a whole lot easier. Web Analytics For Dummies offers everything you need to know to nail down and pump up the ROI on your Web

Plumley, George - WordPress 24-Hour Trainer, ebook

WordPress 24-Hour Trainer

Plumley, George


This easy-to-use, friendly guide will show you how to create and edit pages, integrate your site with social media, keep your site secure, make content more search engine friendly to help drive website traffic, troubleshoot the

Jacobson, Howie - AdWords For Dummies, ebook

AdWords For Dummies

Jacobson, Howie


AdWords lets every business-from eBay PowerSellers to Fortune 500 companies-create targeted, cost-efficient advertising campaigns on the Web, and accounts for the bulk of Google's $6 billion in annual revenues This all-new guide helps advertisers get a handle on AdWords complexities and

 - Molecular & Cell Biology For Dummies, ebook

Molecular & Cell Biology For Dummies


Plus, you get plenty of study tips to improve your grades and score higher on exams!
Explore the world of the cell — take a tour inside the structure and function of cells and see how viruses attack and destroy them

Wallace, Michael - Quality Control for Dummies, ebook

Quality Control for Dummies

Wallace, Michael

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Quality Control For Dummies is the straightforward, easy guide to improving your company’s quality. It covers all of today’s available options and provides expert techniques for introducing quality methods to your company, collecting data, designing quality processes,