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Weisberg, Josh - Consciousness, ebook


Weisberg, Josh


The basic philosophical tools of the trade are introduced, including thought experiments featuring Mary the color-deprived super scientist and fearsome philosophical “zombies”. The book then systematically considers

Elliott, Charles H. - Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder For Dummies, ebook

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder For Dummies

Elliott, Charles H.


In easy to understand steps, the authors lay out the latest treatments that have been proven to work for this disorder, and provide practical and real tools for living well long-term. Whether you or someone you care about has this disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Seegmiller, Don - Advanced Painter Techniques, ebook

Advanced Painter Techniques

Seegmiller, Don


You will gain an understanding of the method, reasons, techniques and thought processes behind each detailed image and how they can be adapted to suit your own artistic process. If you have been searching for a resource that contains advanced painter techniques and

Hasson, Gill - Mindfulness Pocketbook: Little exercises for a calmer life, ebook

Mindfulness Pocketbook: Little exercises for a calmer life

Hasson, Gill


The Mindfulness Pocketbook will help you: Move in the direction of greater calm, balance, and wellbeing Increase your insight and awareness Break free from unhelpful thoughts and thinking patterns, feel more confident, and have better self-esteem Be more able to manage

Hagemann, Harald - Austrian Economics in Transition, ebook

Austrian Economics in Transition

Hagemann, Harald


Ludwig von Mises’s Business Cycle Theory: Static Tools for Dynamic Analysis
Arash Molavi Vasséi
11. Hayek on Practical Business Cycle Research: A Note
Hansjoerg Klausinger
12. Involvement of an Austrian Émigré Economist in America

Fukuda, Shuichi - Emotional Engineering, Vol.5, ebook

Emotional Engineering, Vol.5

Fukuda, Shuichi


Food for Thought: Using the RECIPE Initiative to Increase Students’ Motivation in Vehicle Design Group Work
Aysar Ghassan, Elaine Mackie
12. Four Factors of Happiness as Design Parameters of a Product/Service
Takashi Maeno
13. Win-Win Solutions Are