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Hardy, Thomas - I tre sconosciuti, ebook

I tre sconosciuti

Hardy, Thomas


I tre sconosciuti, titolo originale The Three Strangers di Thomas Hardy, traduzione a cura di Roberta Volonté. È durante una serata tempestosa di marzo, in un anno imprecisato della terza decade del '700 che si apre il racconto I tre sconosciuti di

Hardy, Thomas - The Three Strangers, ebook

The Three Strangers

Hardy, Thomas


It is during a stormy evening in March, in the third decade of the '700 that Thomas Hardy’s The Three Strangers begins. An English clergyman and his family are gathered together with some friends in their cottage, Higher Crowstairs, to celebrate the

Wilson, Keith - A Companion to Thomas Hardy, ebook

A Companion to Thomas Hardy

Wilson, Keith


Through original essays from a distinguished team of international scholars and Hardy specialists, A Companion to Thomas Hardy provides a unique, one-volume resource, which encompasses all aspects of Hardy's major

Thomas, Jane - Thomas Hardy and Desire, ebook

Thomas Hardy and Desire

Thomas, Jane


Introduction — Thomas Hardy and Desire: Conceptions of the Self
Jane Thomas
2. House and Home: Nostalgic Desire and the Locus of Being
Jane Thomas
3. Desire, Female Amity and Sapphic Space
Jane Thomas

Hardy, Thomas - Wessex Tales, ebook

Wessex Tales

Hardy, Thomas


A collection of stories written by Thomas Hardy set in a fictional southwest England which he named 'Wessex'. A fascinating look at nineteenth century life.

Hardy, Thomas - The Trumpet-Major, ebook

The Trumpet-Major

Hardy, Thomas


A romantic story from Thomas Hardy set in the Napoleionic wars. Anne Garland is courted by three suiters: John Loveday (the Trumpet-Major of the title), his brother Robert and Festus Derriman, the son of a squire. The full title of the book is: The Trumpet-Major

Hardy, Thomas - The Woodlanders, ebook

The Woodlanders

Hardy, Thomas


Thomas Hardy's novel The Woodlanders has been enjoyed by readers around the world for over 120 years. It is often cited as the beginning of Hardy's more controversial works, as its moral take on sexuality and marital fidelity challenged the norm.

Hardy, Thomas - Jude the Obscure, ebook

Jude the Obscure

Hardy, Thomas


Thomas Hardy's last novel, Jude the Obscure, has been enjoyed by readers around the world for over a century. Somewhat autobiographical, the story follows Jude Fawley, a stonemason in the fictional county of Wessex, who moves to Christminster to follow his dream of becoming a scholar. He