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Li, Flora - Organic Thin Film Transistor Integration: A Hybrid Approach, ebook

Organic Thin Film Transistor Integration: A Hybrid Approach

Li, Flora


Thus, organic electronics appeal to a broad range of electronic devices and products including transistors, diodes, sensors, solar cells, lighting, displays, and electronic identification and tracking devices A number of commercial opportunities have been identified

Al-Shamery, Katharina - Interface Controlled Organic Thin Films, ebook

Interface Controlled Organic Thin Films

Al-Shamery, Katharina


α-Sexithiophene Films Grown On Cu(110)-(2x1)O: From Monolayer To Multilayers
Martin Oehzelt, Stephen Berkebile, Georg Koller, Thomas Haber, Markus Koini, Oliver Werzer, Roland Resel, Michael G. Ramsey
5. Para-Sexiphenyl Layers Grown On Light Sensitive Polymer

Cheng, I-Chun - Introduction to Flat Panel Displays, ebook

Introduction to Flat Panel Displays

Cheng, I-Chun


Introduction to Flat Panel Displays describes the fundamental physics and materials of major flat panel display technologies including LED, OLED, LCD, PDP and FED and reflective displays. A reference for graduate students and new entrants to the display…

Mittal, Vikas - Encapsulation Nanotechnologies, ebook

Encapsulation Nanotechnologies

Mittal, Vikas


The process of encapsulation by which living creatures are engulfed in a protective shell is both well understood and widely used in industry. This work highlights the growing interest and use of nanotechnologies for the generation of nano-capsules or…

Pearton, Stephen - GaN and ZnO-based Materials and Devices, ebook

GaN and ZnO-based Materials and Devices

Pearton, Stephen


Recent Advances in High-Voltage GaN MOS-Gated Transistors for Power Electronics Applications
T. Paul Chow, Z. Li
9. Radiation Effects in GaN
Alexander Y. Polyakov
10. Recent Advances in GaN Nanowires: Surface-Controlled Conduction and Sensing Applications

Brand, Oliver - Inkjet-based Micromanufacturing, ebook

Inkjet-based Micromanufacturing

Brand, Oliver


Modern inkjet heads are per se precision instruments that deposit droplets of fluids on a variety of surfaces in programmable, repeating patterns, allowing, after suitable modifications and adaptations, the manufacturing of devices such as thin-film