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Noblit, George W. - International Handbook of Urban Education, ebook

International Handbook of Urban Education

Noblit, George W.


Urban Education in Africa: Section Editors' Introduction
Kevin Brennan, Julius Nyang’oro
2. Urbanization and Schooling in Africa: Trends, Issues, and Challenges from Ghana during the Colonial Era
Kwabena Dei Ofori-Attah
3. Language Education

Olson, Gary A. - Education as Civic Engagement, ebook

Education as Civic Engagement

Olson, Gary A.


What’s Hope Got to Do With It? Toward a Theory of Hope and Pedagogy
Dale Jacobs
11. Liberating “Liberatory” Education, or What Do We Mean by “Liberty” Anyway?
Jeffrey M. Ringer
12. Afterword Civic Engagement

Iverson, Susan Deventer - Feminist Community Engagement, ebook

Feminist Community Engagement

Iverson, Susan Deventer


Conversations from Within: Critical Race Feminism and the Roots/Routes of Change
Begum Verjee, Shauna Butterwick
4. Role Modeling Community Engagement for College Students: Narratives from Women Faculty and Staff of Color
Jasmine Mena, Annemarie Vaccaro

Brown, Hilary - Forms of Practitioner Reflexivity, ebook

Forms of Practitioner Reflexivity

Brown, Hilary


Digital Storytelling in Nurse Practitioner Education: A Beginning of Reflective Clinical Practice
Melody Rasmor
4. Promoting Professional Conversations and Reflective Practice Among Educators: Unpacking Our Portfolios Using Duoethnography
Judy C. Woods,