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Apker, Julie - Communication in Health Organizations, ebook

Communication in Health Organizations

Apker, Julie


Communication in Health Organizations explores the communication processes, issues, and concepts that comprise the organization of health care, focusing on the interactions that influence the lives of patients, health professionals, and other members of health institutions. This book integrates

Bielefeld, Wolfgang - Managing Nonprofit Organizations, ebook

Managing Nonprofit Organizations

Bielefeld, Wolfgang


It shows how to lead, manage, govern, and structure effective and ethical nonprofit organizations. Managing Nonprofit Organizations reveals what it takes to be entrepreneurial and collaborative, formulate successful strategies,

Tafoya, Dennis W. - Marginal Organizations, ebook

Marginal Organizations

Tafoya, Dennis W.


The Emergence of Marginal Organizations in a Mainstream Society: Translating Influence into Strategy in an Effort to Drive the Marginal Organization’s Success
Dennis W. Tafoya
4. The Emergence of Marginals in the Active Context of Mainstream Society

Clark, Stephen C. - Wireless Mobility in Organizations, ebook

Wireless Mobility in Organizations

Clark, Stephen C.


Table of contents
1. System Concepts
Stephen C. Clark, Theodora Valvi
2. Winning the Game
Stephen C. Clark, Theodora Valvi
3. Learning How to Learn
Stephen C. Clark, Theodora Valvi
4. Knowledge Management in Practice

Tafoya, Dennis W. - Organizations in the Face of Crisis, ebook

Organizations in the Face of Crisis

Tafoya, Dennis W.


Table of contents
Part 1. The Organization, the Brand, and the Organization’s Stakeholders
1. Introduction
Dennis W. Tafoya
2. Acknowledging the Relationship between an Organization, Its Stakeholders, and Brand
Dennis W. Tafoya

Fine, David J. - Managerial Epidemiology for Health Care Organizations, ebook

Managerial Epidemiology for Health Care Organizations

Fine, David J.


A new edition of the comprehensive and practical introduction to managerial epidemiology and population health
Managerial Epidemiology for Health Care Organizations has introduced the science of epidemiology and population health to students and practitioners in health management and