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Blanchet, Luc - Mass and Motion in General Relativity, ebook

Mass and Motion in General Relativity

Blanchet, Luc


Table of contents
1. The Higgs Mechanism and the Origin of Mass
Abdelhak Djouadi
2. Testing Basic Laws of Gravitation – Are Our Postulates on Dynamics and Gravitation Supported by Experimental Evidence?
Claus Lämmerzahl
3. Mass Metrology and the International System of Units (SI)
Richard S. Davis

Mersini-Houghton, Laura - The Arrows of Time, ebook

The Arrows of Time

Mersini-Houghton, Laura


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Laura Mersini-Houghton, Rüdiger Vaas
2. Time After Time — Big Bang Cosmology and the Arrows of Time
Rüdiger Vaas
3. Fundamental Loss of Quantum Coherence from Quantum Gravity
Rodolfo Gambini,…

Petkov, Vesselin - Space, Time, and Spacetime, ebook

Space, Time, and Spacetime

Petkov, Vesselin


Ether, the Theory of Relativity and Quantum Physics
Eduardo V. Flores
7. Minkowski’s Proper Time and the Status of the Clock Hypothesis
Richard T. W. Arthur
8. Why Spacetime Is Not a Hidden Cause: A Realist Story
Graham Nerlich
9. Structural

Lehmkuhl, Dennis - Towards a Theory of Spacetime Theories, ebook

Towards a Theory of Spacetime Theories

Lehmkuhl, Dennis


The Relativity and Equivalence Principles for Self-gravitating Systems
David Wallace
9. The Physical Significance of Symmetries from the Perspective of Conservation Laws
Adán Sus
10. Does Time Exist in Quantum Gravity?
Claus Kiefer
11. Raiders

Rickles, Dean - The Philosophy of Physics, ebook

The Philosophy of Physics

Rickles, Dean


He discusses the three pillars of modern physics (quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, and the theories of relativity), in addition to more cutting-edge themes such as econophysics, quantum gravity, quantum computers, and

Odintsov, Sergey D. - Cosmology, Quantum Vacuum and Zeta Functions, ebook

Cosmology, Quantum Vacuum and Zeta Functions

Odintsov, Sergey D.


Very Special Relativity and Noncommutative Space-Time
M. M. Sheikh-Jabbari, A. Tureanu
29. Pistons Modelled by Potentials
Guglielmo Fucci, Klaus Kirsten, Pedro Morales
30. Local ζ -functions, stress-energy tensor, field fluctuations, and all that,