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Bottero, Marta - Appraisal: From Theory to Practice, ebook

Appraisal: From Theory to Practice

Bottero, Marta


Table of contents
1. The True Value. On Understanding Something
Salvatore Giuffrida
2. Appraisal of Manufacturing Buildings Through the Depreciated Replacement Cost Approach
Sergio Copiello, Valentina Cosmi, Stefano Stanghellini
3. Do Real Estate Cycles Exist and, if so, Are They Predictable?

Amenc, Noel - Portfolio Theory and Performance Analysis, ebook

Portfolio Theory and Performance Analysis

Amenc, Noel


For many years asset management was considered to be a marginal activity, but today, it is central to the development of financial industry throughout the world. Asset management's transition from an "art and craft" to an industry has inevitably called