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Thompson, William Irwin - Self and Society, ebook

Self and Society

Thompson, William Irwin


A series of essays on the evolution of culture, dealing with topics including the city and consciousness, evolution of the afterlife, literary and mathematical archetypes, machine consciousness and the implications of 9/11, and the invasion of Iraq. The…

Matthews, Graham - Will Self and Contemporary British Society, ebook

Will Self and Contemporary British Society

Matthews, Graham


‘The Unfailing Regularity of Dr Busner’: Will Self and the Psychiatrists
Graham Matthews
4. ‘These Artisans of the Body’: Will Self and the Doctors
Graham Matthews
5. ‘Fucking and Fighting’: Will Self and Gender
Graham Matthews

Chandler, Amy - Self-Injury, Medicine and Society, ebook

Self-Injury, Medicine and Society

Chandler, Amy


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Constructing and Situating an Embodied, Sociological Account of Self-Injury
Amy Chandler
2. The Injury and the Wound: Facing the Corporeality of Self-Injury
Amy Chandler
3. A Critical View on Emotions and Self-Injury
Amy Chandler
4. Visibility, Help-Seeking and Attention-Seeking

Scott, Susie - Shyness and Society, ebook

Shyness and Society

Scott, Susie


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Entering the Secret World of the Shy
Susie Scott
2. Shyness in Cultural and Historical Perspective
Susie Scott
3. Dramaturgical Dilemmas of the Shy Self
Susie Scott
4. Outsiders and Enclosures
Susie Scott
5. Poise, Performance and Self-Presentation

Sudweeks, Fay - Self-Service in the Internet Age, ebook

Self-Service in the Internet Age

Sudweeks, Fay


Self-Service and E-Education: The Relationship to Self-Directed Learningself-directed learning
Marilyn A. Wells, Phillip W. J. Brook
5. Stakeholder Expectations of Service Quality in a University Web Portal
Mary Tate, Joerg Evermann,

Bauman, Zygmunt - Society under Siege, ebook

Society under Siege

Bauman, Zygmunt

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Society is under siege – under attack on two fronts: from the global frontier-land where old structures and rules do not hold and new ones are slow to take shape, and from the fluid, undefined domain of life politics. The space between these two fronts, until recently ruled by the sovereign