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Alvarez, Marino - A Professor Reflects on Sherlock Holmes, ebook

A Professor Reflects on Sherlock Holmes

Alvarez, Marino


A travelogue that compares Reichenbach Falls and Trummelbach Falls for Professor Moriarty's demise; and notes from a visit to Trinity College at Oxford to view Monsignor Knox's writings and entries in the Gryphon Club Book provide

Cowlin, Chris - The London Underground Quiz Book, ebook

The London Underground Quiz Book

Cowlin, Chris


Brief Description: Are you a regular commuter on the London Underground? Do you use the tube to get around for business or pleasure? Or maybe you have travelled on the underground during a visit to the UK capital? If so, just how much can you remember about the world’s oldest underground system? Which tube station is the busiest,

Boritt, Gabor S. - Slavery, Resistance, Freedom, ebook

Slavery, Resistance, Freedom

Boritt, Gabor S.


Thomas III, and Anne Sarah Rubin Ch 5: A Stranger in the Club: The Army of the Potomac's Black Division, Noah Andre Trudeau Ch 6: "The Tocsin of Freedom": The Black Leadership of Radical Reconstruction, Eric Foner Copying to clipboard limited to 5 samples

Carter, Marva - Swing Along : The Musical Life of Will Marion Cook, ebook

Swing Along : The Musical Life of Will Marion Cook

Carter, Marva


The Clef Club 10. The Southern Syncopated Orchestra 11. 'A Hell of a Life' 12. A Composer's Legacy Postlude: Swing Along Appendix A: Will Marion Cook's Songs Appendix: B: Songs by Cook in Performed Musical Shows Appendix: C Southern Syncopated Orchestra's Personnell

Dregni, Michael - Django : The Life and Music of a Gypsy Legend, ebook

Django : The Life and Music of a Gypsy Legend

Dregni, Michael


He examines his long musical partnership with violinist Stephane Grappelli--the one suave and smooth, the other sharper and more dissonant--and he traces the evolution of their novel string jazz ensemble, Quintette du Hot Club de France. Indeed, the author spotlights