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Burbidge, Adam - Food Industry R&D: A New Approach, ebook

Food Industry R&D: A New Approach

Burbidge, Adam


In academia, such controversy may stem from conflicting interpretations of data and subsequent conclusions, the question of who was first to discover a particular finding and whether or not the said finding is of any value to the scientific community. R&D in corporate

Jodlbauer, Herbert - Modelling Value, ebook

Modelling Value

Jodlbauer, Herbert


Competition, Collaboration, and Creating Value in the Value Chain
David Walters
2. The Role of Decoupling Points in Value Chain Management
Jan Olhager
3. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Experiential Learning for

Mergos, George - Food Security and Sustainability, ebook

Food Security and Sustainability

Mergos, George


The Food Security Debate in a Shifting Market Environment
Tassos Haniotis
3. Green Growth Strategies in Agriculture in OECD Countries
Wilfrid Legg
4. The Dominant Presence of MNES in Agro-Food GVCs: Implications

Köhn, Doris - Finance for Food, ebook

Finance for Food

Köhn, Doris


Finance Through Food and Commodity Value Chains in a Globalized Economy
Johan F. M. Swinnen, Miet Maertens
4. Agricultural Growth Corridors – Unlocking Rural Potential, Catalyzing Economic Development
Sean Cleene