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Sobaca - Jump Into Fame, ebook

Jump Into Fame



Take a look inside the world of the music business, see how it works and plot YOUR PATH TO FAME! Break down the barriers by knowing how the business works. Knowledge is power and ‘Jump into Fame’ will help you prepare. In

Brant, Clare - Fame and Fortune, ebook

Fame and Fortune

Brant, Clare


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Clare Brant, George Rousseau
Part I. Hill and Lives
2. The Biographer’s Tale: Second Thoughts About ‘Filter Hill’
George Rousseau
3. The Propagation of Lives: Sir John Who?
Clare Brant

Brock, Claire - The Feminization of Fame 1750–1830, ebook

The Feminization of Fame 1750–1830

Brock, Claire


‘A New Sort of Glory’: Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s ‘little philosophical chemistry’ and the Reach of Rousseauvian Fame in Eighteenth-Century Britain
Claire Brock
3. Catharine Macaulay: ‘triumph[ant], when alive, o’er future fate’
Claire Brock

King, Barry - Taking Fame to Market, ebook

Taking Fame to Market

King, Barry


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Barry King
2. Unsettling Identities: From Custom to Price
Barry King
3. The Formation of Stardom
Barry King
4. Garrick as a Personage
Barry King
5. Emergent Modes of Stellar Being

Deflem, Mathieu - Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame, ebook

Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame

Deflem, Mathieu


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Mathieu Deflem
2. Popular Culture and the Sociology of Fame
Mathieu Deflem
3. The Life and Times of Lady Gaga
Mathieu Deflem
4. The Business of Lady Gaga
Mathieu Deflem
5. The Laws of…

Williamson, Milly - Celebrity: Capitalism and the Making of Fame, ebook

Celebrity: Capitalism and the Making of Fame

Williamson, Milly


And yet fundamental questions about what the system of celebrity means for our society have yet to be resolved:
Is celebrity a democratization of fame or a powerful hierarchy built on exclusion? Is celebrity created through public demand or is it manufactured?

Wheelwright, Wayne - Adam Levine - The Quiz Book, ebook

Adam Levine - The Quiz Book

Wheelwright, Wayne


Adam Levine is the American singer-songwriter that is also the lead singer for the band Maroon 5. Adam is hugely popular due to Maroon 5's massive worldwide standing and his entertaining appearances as coach on the voice. From his early life in LA to…