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Armstrong, Kate - Lonely Planet Florida, ebook

Lonely Planet Florida

Armstrong, Kate


Free, convenient pull-out Miami map (included in print version), plus over 20 color maps Covers Miami, the Keys, the Everglades, Orlando, the Atlantic Coast, the Tampa Bay Area, the Panhandle and more The Perfect Choice: Lonely

Osei-Tutu, John Kwadwo - Shadows of Empire in West Africa, ebook

Shadows of Empire in West Africa

Osei-Tutu, John Kwadwo


Grossfriedrichsburg, the First German Colony in Africa? Brandenburg-Prussia, Atlantic Entanglements and National Memory
Roberto Zaugg
3. ‘Far from My Native Land, and Far from You’: Reimagining the British at Cape Coast

Kontler, László - Negotiating Knowledge in Early Modern Empires, ebook

Negotiating Knowledge in Early Modern Empires

Kontler, László


Contested Locations of Knowledge: The Malaspina Expedition along the Eastern Coast of Patagonia (1789)
Marcelo Fabián Figueroa
7. “To Round Out this Immense Country”: The Circulation of Cartographic and Historiographical Knowledge between Brazil and Angola

Gearon, Eamonn - The Sahara, ebook

The Sahara

Gearon, Eamonn


The largest desert in the world, the Sahara ranges from the river Nile running through Egypt and Sudan in the east, to the Atlantic coast from Morocco to Mauritania in the west; stretching from the Atlas Mountains and the shores