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Gers, Herausgegeben von Horst - Strangpressen, ebook


Gers, Herausgegeben von Horst


Strangpressen ist eines der wichtigsten Fertigungsverfahren in der Metallindustrie.
Der Tagungsband zeigt auf, wie das Strangpressen zu innovativen Problemlösungen beitragen kann und welche Anforderungen dabei an den Strangpressbetreiber als…

White, John DT - The Ibrox Bears Quiz Book, ebook

The Ibrox Bears Quiz Book

White, John DT


Will you prove to be an intrepid Ranger as you track down the answers to the 1,500 challenging questions in this book, or will you end up like a Bear with a sore head? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure, your knowledge of the club will be tested…

Trench, Alan - The State of the Nations 2008, ebook

The State of the Nations 2008

Trench, Alan


The State of the Nations 2008: Into the third term of devolution in the United Kingdom is the sixth publication of a major research programme into devolution in the United Kingdom, published on behalf of the Constitution Unit at University College London.…