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Geoghegan, Jeffrey - The Bible For Dummies, ebook

The Bible For Dummies

Geoghegan, Jeffrey


The Bible For Dummies (9781119293507) was previously published as The Bible For Dummies (9780764552960). While this version features a new Dummies cover and design, the content is the same as the prior release and should not be considered a new or updated

Shreves, Ric - Joomla! Bible, ebook

Joomla! Bible

Shreves, Ric


Joomla! Bible is the complete, step-by-step guide you need to build and manage Web sites using the very newest version of this powerful and popular CMS. Walks you through obtaining the Joomla! 1.5 code and how to deploy it to a server, configure the site, create content,

Brazell, Aaron - WordPress Bible, ebook

WordPress Bible

Brazell, Aaron


Now you can get on the bandwagon of this popular open-source blogging tool with WordPress Bible, 2nd Edition. Whether you're a casual blogger or programming pro, this comprehensive guide covers the latest version of WordPress, from the basics through advanced application

Shreves, Ric - Joomla! Bible, ebook

Joomla! Bible

Shreves, Ric


Joomla! Bible, Second Edition is that book. It not only brings you up to speed on the changes and extensions that are now part of Joomla! 3.0, it thoroughly covers functions and tasks, including installation, configuration, management, advanced modules, and extended

Foote, George William - Bible Romances, ebook

Bible Romances

Foote, George William


A fascinating book by famous atheist George William Foote, founder of the secular humanist magazine ‘The Freethinker’. In it he lays out his views on various Biblical stories, such as the Creation story, the Tower of Babel, Noah and the Flood, and…

Gumster, Jason van - GIMP Bible, ebook

GIMP Bible

Gumster, Jason van


GIMP Bible is the most comprehensive and current independent GIMP reference available that goes beyond official documentation.
If you're a digital artist or photographer, the step-by-step explanations in this authoritative guide show you how to power-use GIMP throughout

Tyson, Herb - Word 2010 Bible, ebook

Word 2010 Bible

Tyson, Herb


Coverage includes: Making Word Work for You The X Files: Understanding and Using Word' New File Format Make It Stop! Cures and Treatments for Word' Top Annoyances Word on the Street Formatting 101: Font/Character Formatting Paragraph Formatting In Style! The Clipboard Find, Replace, and

Negus, Christopher - CentOS Bible, ebook

CentOS Bible

Negus, Christopher


CentOS (Community ENTerprise Operating System) is a Linux operating system maintained by a small team of core developers based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Lead author Christopher Negus is the bestselling Linux author of such books as Fedora 10 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Bible