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Friedewald, Vincent E. - Clinical Guide to Bioweapons and Chemical Agents, ebook

Clinical Guide to Bioweapons and Chemical Agents

Friedewald, Vincent E.


Table of contents
2. Clinical Guide—Poisons
98. Thallium Poisoning
99. Trichothecene Poisoning
3. Clinical Guide—Acute Complications
101. Adrenal Failure
102. Arthritis
103. Congestive Heart Failure
104. Corneal Injury
105. Dehydration
106. Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation
107. Guillain

Aschner, Michael - Neurotoxicity of Metals, ebook

Neurotoxicity of Metals

Aschner, Michael


Table of contents
Part I. Developmental Neurotoxicity
1. Developmental Neurotoxicity of Lead
Samuel Caito, Michael Aschner
2. Manganese and Developmental Neurotoxicity
Roberto Lucchini, Donatella Placidi, Giuseppa Cagna, Chiara Fedrighi, Manuela Oppini, Marco Peli, Silvia Zoni
3. Inherited Disorders of

Narlikar, Anant V. - Frontiers in Superconducting Materials, ebook

Frontiers in Superconducting Materials

Narlikar, Anant V.


Table of contents
1. Superconducting Materials — A Topical Overview
Roland Hott, Reinhold Kleiner, Thomas Wolf, Gertrud Zwicknagl
2. Superconductivity at Ultralow Temperatures and Its Interplay with Nuclear Magnetism
T. Herrmannsdörfer, F. Pobell
3. Superconductivity in Heavy Fermion Compounds
P Thalmeier,

Emsley, John - The Elements of Murder : A History of Poison, ebook

The Elements of Murder : A History of Poison

Emsley, John


- ;How can a chemical we need on a daily basis to keep us healthy be fatal at a different dose? Why should elements that are intrinsically dangerous be used in medicine? How did poisoners use the chemical properties of chemicals to cover their tracks? Emsley gives detailed histories of five of the most

Baker, Alan J.M. - Agromining: Farming for Metals, ebook

Agromining: Farming for Metals

Baker, Alan J.M.


Element Case Studies: Thallium and Noble Metals
Brett Robinson, Chris Anderson
16. Element Case Studies: Manganese
Chuan Wu, Shengguo Xue
17. Element Case Studies: Arsenic
Tongbin Chen, Mei Lei, Xiaoming Wan, Xiaoyong Zhou, Jun Yang, Guanghui Guo,

Baskaran, Mark - Handbook of Environmental Isotope Geochemistry, ebook

Handbook of Environmental Isotope Geochemistry

Baskaran, Mark


Table of contents
1. “Environmental Isotope Geochemistry”: Past, Present and Future
Mark Baskaran
2. An Overview of Isotope Geochemistry in Environmental Studies
D. Porcelli, M. Baskaran
3. Humans and Isotopes: Impacts and Tracers of Human Interactions with the Environment
Karl K. Turekian
4. Lithium

Lichtfouse, Eric - Environmental Chemistry, ebook

Environmental Chemistry

Lichtfouse, Eric


Phytoremediation of Thallium Contaminated Soils by Brassicaceae
H. -Najar, R. Schulz, V. Römheld
18. Mercury Recovery from Soils by Phytoremediation
L. Rodriguez, F. J. Lopez-Bellido, A. Carnicer, F. Recreo, A. Tallos, J. M. Monteagudo
19. Effect of