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Delaney, David - Territory: A Short Introduction, ebook

Territory: A Short Introduction

Delaney, David


This short introduction conveys the complexities associated with the term "territory" in a clear and accessible manner. It surveys the field and brings theory to ground in the case of Palestine.
A clear and accessible introduction to the complexities associated with the term "territory".

Planet, Lonely - Lonely Planet South Australia & Northern Territory, ebook

Lonely Planet South Australia & Northern Territory

Planet, Lonely


Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher Lonely Planet South Australia & Northern Territory is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Watch the sun set over Uluru, see rock art in Kakadu National

Doria, Francisco Antonio - The Map and the Territory, ebook

The Map and the Territory

Doria, Francisco Antonio


Maps and Territories in Scientific Investigation
Evandro Agazzi
2. On the Ontology/Epistemology Distinction
Michele Marsonet
3. *Intuition* in Classical Indian Philosophy: Laying the Foundation for a Cross-Cultural Study
Anand Jayprakash Vaidya,

Birch-Thomsen, Torben  - Beyond Territory and Scarcity, ebook

Beyond Territory and Scarcity

Birch-Thomsen, Torben


In this volume, ten anthropologists and geographers critically address traditional Malthusian discourses in essays that attempt to move "beyond territory and scarcity" by: - Exploring alternatives to the strong natural determinism that reduces natural resource management

Rivera, Lirio Gutiérrez - Territories of Violence, ebook

Territories of Violence

Rivera, Lirio Gutiérrez


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Lirio Gutiérrez Rivera
2. State, Space, and Territory
Lirio Gutiérrez Rivera
3. Territorializing the State
Lirio Gutiérrez Rivera
4. Violence and Crime
Lirio Gutiérrez Rivera

Ewald, François - Security, Territory, Population, ebook

Security, Territory, Population

Ewald, François


Table of contents
1. 11 January 1978
Michel Senellart, François Ewald, Alessandro Fontana
2. 18 January 1978
Michel Senellart, François Ewald, Alessandro Fontana
3. 25 January 1978
Michel Senellart, François Ewald, Alessandro…

Beckman, Ludvig - Territories of Citizenship, ebook

Territories of Citizenship

Beckman, Ludvig


Table of contents
1. Citizens, Resident Aliens, and the Good of Equal Membership
Andrew Mason
2. Is Residence Special? Democracy in the Age of Migration and Human Mobility
Ludvig Beckman
3. Naturalisation, Desert, and the Symbolic Meaning…

Mehdipour, Parvin - Telomere Territory and Cancer, ebook

Telomere Territory and Cancer

Mehdipour, Parvin


Table of contents
1. Telomerase: from Aging to Human Cancers
N. Parsa
2. Telomerase: Basic and Clinical Approaches
S. Saied Hosseini-Asl
3. Detection of Telomerase Activity: A New Strategy for Detecting Low Activity of Telomerase

Greer, Scott L. - Territory, Democracy and Justice, ebook

Territory, Democracy and Justice

Greer, Scott L.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Scott L. Greer
2. Federalism and Social Justice: Thinking Through the Tangle
Richard Simeon
3. Social Citizenship and Federalism: Is a Federal Welfare State a Contradiction in Terms?
Keith G. Banting

Arana, Vladimir - Water and Territory in Latin America, ebook

Water and Territory in Latin America

Arana, Vladimir


Table of contents
1. Methodological Aspects
Vladimir Arana
2. Population Behavior and Land Occupation Trends
Vladimir Arana
3. The State of Water Sources
Vladimir Arana
4. Water Supply, Sanitation, Energy, and Industrial Constraints