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Behn, Carsten - Mechanics of Terrestrial Locomotion, ebook

Mechanics of Terrestrial Locomotion

Behn, Carsten


Wheeled Locomotion Systems – Rolling
Klaus Zimmermann, Igor Zeidis, Carsten Behn
6. Walking Machines – Walking
Klaus Zimmermann, Igor Zeidis, Carsten Behn
7. Worm-like Locomotion Systems – Crawling

Cloudsley-Thompson, John L. - Ecology and Behaviour of Mesozoic Reptiles, ebook

Ecology and Behaviour of Mesozoic Reptiles

Cloudsley-Thompson, John L.


Terrestrial Mesozoic Reptiles: Size, Locomotion and Thermal Physiology
8. Therapsids, Anapsids and Early Diapsids
9. The Dinosaurs: Weapons, Display and Reproduction
10. Herbivorous Dinosaurs
11. Carnivorous Dinosaurs
12. The Cretaceous Extinction

Lambert, Olivier - Cetacean Paleobiology, ebook

Cetacean Paleobiology

Lambert, Olivier


Their mammalian affinities have been long recognized, but exactly which group of terrestrial mammals they descend from has, until recently, remained in the dark. Recent decades have produced a flurry of new fossil cetaceans, extending their fossil history to over 50

Gursky, Sharon L. - Primate Anti-Predator Strategies, ebook

Primate Anti-Predator Strategies

Gursky, Sharon L.


A Consideration of Leaping Locomotion as a Means of Predator Avoidance in Prosimian Primates
Robin Huw Crompton, William Irvin Sellers
7. Anti-Predator Strategies of Cathemeral Primates: Dealing with Predators of the Day and the Night
Ian C. Colquhoun