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Al-Malah, Kamal I.M. - Aspen Plus: Chemical Engineering Applications, ebook

Aspen Plus: Chemical Engineering Applications

Al-Malah, Kamal I.M.


Facilitates the process of learning and later mastering Aspen Plus® with step by step examples and succinct explanations Step-by-step textbook for identifying solutions to various process engineering problems via screenshots of the Aspen Plus® platforms in parallel with the related text Includes end-of-chapter problems and

Bosch, Antal - Interactive Multi-modal Question-Answering, ebook

Interactive Multi-modal Question-Answering

Bosch, Antal


Automatic Extraction of Medical Term Variants from Multilingual Parallel Translations
Lonneke Plas, Jörg Tiedemann, Ismail Fahmi
8. Relation Extraction for Open and Closed Domain Question Answering
Gosse Bouma, Ismail

Gaune-Escard, Marcelle - Molten Salts Chemistry and Technology, ebook

Molten Salts Chemistry and Technology

Gaune-Escard, Marcelle


Both high temperature molten salts and room temperature ionic liquids (collectively termed liquid salts) have unique properties, including good heat capacity, good electrical conductivity and, in some cases, chemical catalytic properties. They are critical for the efficient production and

Lupu, Mihai - Current Challenges in Patent Information Retrieval, ebook

Current Challenges in Patent Information Retrieval

Lupu, Mihai


Information Extraction and Semantic Annotation for Multi-Paradigm Information Management
Hamish Cunningham, Valentin Tablan, Ian Roberts, Mark A. Greenwood, Niraj Aswani
16. Intelligent Information Access from Scientific Papers
Ted Briscoe, Karl Harrison,

Blind, Georg D. - The Entrepreneur in Rule-Based Economics, ebook

The Entrepreneur in Rule-Based Economics

Blind, Georg D.


Reducing the Model of Entrepreneurship in Japan: Extraction of its Changing Sub-system (CSS)
Georg D. Blind
11. Putting to Work the Model of Entrepreneurship in Japan
Georg D. Blind
12. Evolution of Entrepreneurship in Japan: Analysis of its Changing

Yu, Xiaoqi - Macrocyclic Polyamines: Synthesis and Applications, ebook

Macrocyclic Polyamines: Synthesis and Applications

Yu, Xiaoqi


It offers in-depth coverage of cyclization modes; special procedures for tetraza macrocyclic compounds; diacids-diamines condensation; oxidative DNA cleaving by macrocyclic polyamines; lipids with cationic MPA headgroups; the derivatives of DOTA, DO3A, and PCTA; receptors for anions; sensors for bioactive