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Goddard, Liza - The Autobiography of Liza Goddard, ebook

The Autobiography of Liza Goddard

Goddard, Liza


In this much-anticipated autobiography, Liza talks about her work, her loves and the real-life dramas that have shaped her as a woman and an actress. The book charts her early life in England and follows her to Australia, where her beloved father played a key role

Dodd, Patton - My Faith So Far: A Story of Conversion and Confusion, ebook

My Faith So Far: A Story of Conversion and Confusion

Dodd, Patton


Dodd tells his story in contradictory terms—conversion and confusion, acceptance and rejection, spiritual highs and psychological lows. With painstaking honesty, he tries to negotiate a relationship with his faith apart from the cultural trappings that often

Ziff, Larzer - Mark Twain, ebook

Mark Twain

Ziff, Larzer


He offers particularly telling insight into Twain's travel writings, providing for example an insightful account of Following the Equator, perhaps Twain's most underrated work. Throughout the book, Ziff examines Twain's writings in light of the literary cultures of

Rich, Laura - The Accidental Zillionaire: Demystifying Paul Allen, ebook

The Accidental Zillionaire: Demystifying Paul Allen

Rich, Laura


She tells Allen's story from his days as a fledgling computer geek in suburban Washington state, to his role in founding the world's largest software company, to his battle with cancer, to his sycophantic flirtation with Hollywood and its brightest stars. Paul Allen