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Ph.D., John Lockwood - Volcanoes: Global Perspectives, ebook

Volcanoes: Global Perspectives

Ph.D., John Lockwood


Without volcanic activity, life as we know it would not exist on our planet. Although beautiful to behold, volcanoes are also potentially destructive, and understanding their nature is critical to prevent major loss of life in the future.
Richly illustrated with

Wohl, Ellen - Rivers in the Landscape, ebook

Rivers in the Landscape

Wohl, Ellen


Tectonic uplift raises rock thousands of meters above sea level. Precipitation falling on the uplifted terrain concentrates into channels that carry sediment downward to the oceans and influence the steepness of adjacent hill slopes by governing the rate at which the

Damaske, Detlef - Antarctica, ebook


Damaske, Detlef


Seismic Activity Associated with Surface Environmental Changes of the Earth System, around Syowa Station, East Antarctica
Masaki Kanao, Katsutada Kaminuma
46. Geodynamic Features and Density Structure of the Earth’s Interior of the Antarctic and Surrounded

Mao, Jingwen - Mineral Deposit Research: Meeting the Global Challenge, ebook

Mineral Deposit Research: Meeting the Global Challenge

Mao, Jingwen


Global tectonic settings and deep mantle control on Hg and Au-Hg deposits
A. S. Borisenko, A. A. Obolenskiy, E. A. Naumov
2. Upper mantle composition: Tools for smarter diamond exploration
William L. Griffin, Suzanne Y. Reilly
3. Tectonic and lithospheric

Mosher, David C. - Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences, ebook

Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences

Mosher, David C.


Climate-Induced Turbidity Current Activity in NW-African Canyon Systems
R. Henrich, T. J. J. Hanebuth, Y. Cherubini, S. Krastel, R. Pierau, C. Zühlsdorff
III. Submarine Mass Movements in Margin Construction and Economic Significance
38. Investigating the