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Jousten, Karl - Handbook of Vacuum Technology, ebook

Handbook of Vacuum Technology

Jousten, Karl


The text covers the existing knowledge on all aspects of vacuum science and technology, ranging from fundamentals to components and operating systems. It features many numerical examples and illustrations to help visualize the theoretical issues, while the chapters

Basoglu, Nuri - Healthcare Technology Innovation Adoption, ebook

Healthcare Technology Innovation Adoption

Basoglu, Nuri


A Dynamic Capabilities Theory-Based Innovation Diffusion Model for Spread of Health Information Technology in the USA
1. Introduction to the Adoption of Health Information Technologies
Nima A. Behkami, Tugrul U. Daim
2. Background Literature on the Adoption

Zacher, Lech W. - Technology, Society and Sustainability, ebook

Technology, Society and Sustainability

Zacher, Lech W.


Peril and Promise of Internet Technology for Future Social Order
Alina Betlej
9. The Citizen in the Cyberspace: Should There be Any Limits to the Freedom of Speech in the Internet?
Joanna Miksa
10. Progress in Science and Technology

Alderman, Martyn - Magnesium Technology 2015, ebook

Magnesium Technology 2015

Alderman, Martyn


Reducing Weight for Transportation Applications: Technology Challenges and Opportunities
Alan I. Taub
2. The Application of Magnesium Alloys in Aircraft Interiors — Changing the Rules
Bruce Davis
3. Emerging Science and Research Opportunities for

Manuel, Michele V. - Magnesium Technology 2016, ebook

Magnesium Technology 2016

Manuel, Michele V.


Development of the New High Shear Technology for Continuous Processing of Mg-Alloys for Ingot Casting
Jayesh B Patel, Peter Lloyd, Guosheng Peng, Zhongyun Fan
9. Dendrite Morphology and Growth Orientation of Magnesium Alloys: Simulation by Phase-Field and 3-D