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Basoglu, Nuri - Healthcare Technology Innovation Adoption, ebook

Healthcare Technology Innovation Adoption

Basoglu, Nuri


Introduction to the Adoption of Health Information Technologies
Nima A. Behkami, Tugrul U. Daim
2. Background Literature on the Adoption of Health Information Technologies
Nima A. Behkami, Tugrul U. Daim
3. Methods

Kaur, Harleen - Catalyzing Development through ICT Adoption, ebook

Catalyzing Development through ICT Adoption

Kaur, Harleen


Information and Communication Technologies for Economic Development
Ewa Lechman, Adam Marszk
2. The Impact of ICTs on Women’s Economic Empowerment
Dagmara Nikulin
3. Big Data Analytics for ICT Monitoring and Development
Ritu Chauhan, Harleen

Narayanan, K. - Technology, ebook


Narayanan, K.


Business Group Affiliation and Innovation in Medium and High-Technology Industries in India
Surenderrao Komera, P. J. Jijo Lukose, Subash Sasidharan
5. Foreign Multinationals and Domestic Enterprises: Comparison of Their Technological and Other Characteristics

Etemad, Kamran - WiMAX Technology and Network Evolution, ebook

WiMAX Technology and Network Evolution

Etemad, Kamran


Written and edited by experts who have developed WiMAX technology and standards
WiMAX, the Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, represents a paradigm shift in telecommunications technology. It offers the promise of cheaper, smaller, and

Teo, Timothy - Technology Acceptance in Education, ebook

Technology Acceptance in Education

Teo, Timothy


A Mixed-Methodological Technology Adoption Study
Claudia Smarkola
3. Student Teachers’ Acceptance of Computer Technology
Wong Su Luan, Timothy Teo
4. Understanding the Complexity of Technology

Chan, Leong - Infrastructure and Technology Management, ebook

Infrastructure and Technology Management

Chan, Leong


Technology Assessment: Demand Response Technologies in the Pacific Northwest
Judith Estep, Tugrul U. Daim
Part II. Health Care
6. Landscape Analysis: What Are the Forefronts of Change in the US Hospitals?
Amir Shaygan
7. Technology Assessment: Patient-Centric

Simon, Phil - The Next Wave of Technologies: Opportunities from Chaos, ebook

The Next Wave of Technologies: Opportunities from Chaos

Simon, Phil


Your all-inclusive guide to all the latest technologies
Providing you with a better understanding of the latest technologies, including Cloud Computing, Software as a Service, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Open Source, Mobile Computing, Social Networking, and Business Intelligence,