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Massaron, Luca - Deep Learning For Dummies, ebook

Deep Learning For Dummies

Massaron, Luca


Deep Learning for Dummies gives you the information you need to take the mystery out of the topic—and all of the underlying technologies associated with it.    
In no time, you’ll make sense of those increasingly confusing

Lonka, Kirsti - Phenomenal Learning from Finland, ebook

Phenomenal Learning from Finland

Lonka, Kirsti


What will happen next? Phenomenal Learning from Finland presents Finland's path to 21st century competences and the exciting concept of phenomenon-based learning as part of the new curriculum. The way to globalization, digitalization,

Mouza, Chrystalla - Emerging Technologies for the Classroom, ebook

Emerging Technologies for the Classroom

Mouza, Chrystalla


Introduction to Emerging Technologies for the Classroom: A Learning Sciences Perspective
Chrystalla Mouza, Nancy C. Lavigne
2. Curricular Activity Systems Supporting the Use of Dynamic Representations to Foster Students’