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Stuart, Barbara H. - Forensic Analytical Techniques, ebook

Forensic Analytical Techniques

Stuart, Barbara H.


The book will be an open learning / distance learning text in the Analytical Techniques for the Sciences (AnTS) covering analytical techniques used in forensic science. No prior knowledge of the analytical techniques

Lyman, Forrest - Pro Zend Framework Techniques, ebook

Pro Zend Framework Techniques

Lyman, Forrest


Table of contents
1. Getting Started
Forrest Lyman
2. Designing Your Site
Forrest Lyman
3. Building and Processing Web Forms with Zend_Form
Forrest Lyman
4. Managing Data with Zend Framework
Forrest Lyman
5. Working…

Perrin, Vincent - MRI Techniques, ebook

MRI Techniques

Perrin, Vincent


This book aims to allow readers with the basics of physics and mathematics within the field MRI to easily immerse themselves in techniques that are not familiar to them. Pragmatic in approach, moving between the physics underlying the techniques

Alhassi, Abdelhamid - Space Modulation Techniques, ebook

Space Modulation Techniques

Alhassi, Abdelhamid


Explores the fundamentals required to understand, analyze, and implement space modulation techniques (SMTs) in coherent and non-coherent radio frequency environments
This book focuses on the concept of space modulation techniques (SMTs), and covers