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Schoenborn, Barry - Technical Math For Dummies, ebook

Technical Math For Dummies

Schoenborn, Barry


Technical Math For Dummies is your one-stop, hands-on guide to acing the math courses you’ll encounter as you work toward getting your degree, certifacation, or license in the skilled trades.
You’ll get easy-to-follow, plain-English guidance on mathematical formulas and methods

Brittian, L. W. - Audel Electrical Trades Pocket Manual, ebook

Audel Electrical Trades Pocket Manual

Brittian, L. W.

From 19,90€

Get useful rules of thumb and quick tricks
Discover formulas, charts, and tables essential for plant electrical work
Locate technical data quickly and get up to speed on everyday electrical questions
Packed with illustrations that help you grasp ideas

Lindsell-Roberts, Sheryl - Technical Writing For Dummies, ebook

Technical Writing For Dummies

Lindsell-Roberts, Sheryl


Let’s face it, a lot of technical documentation reads as if it had been translated into English from Venutian by a native speaker of gibberish. Which is annoying for you and expensive for the manufacturer who pays with alienated customers and soaring technical

Adamson, Bob - Bridging the Skills Gap, ebook

Bridging the Skills Gap

Adamson, Bob


Soft Skills: What They Are and How to Foster Them
Shubha Jayaram, Rose Musau
7. Principles of Successful Skills Development Models
Michelle Engmann, Aarthi Rao, Bob Adamson