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Costa, Rogério - Computers and Education, ebook

Computers and Education

Costa, Rogério


Development and Experience in Teaching Biochemistry with a Multimedia Study Environment
Ana Maria Ponzio de Azevedo, Gustavo Brandalise Lazzarotto, Maria Isabel Timm, Milton Antônio Zaro
16. An Educative Application Based on Bloom’s Taxonomy for the Learning

Hanrahan, Michael - Teaching, Technology, Textuality, ebook

Teaching, Technology, Textuality

Hanrahan, Michael


Virtual Teaching and Learning Environments
8. All Aboard Blackboard
Lisa Botshon
9. American Cultural Studies and e-Teaching Internationally
Dorothea Fischer-Hornung, Wolfgang Holtkamp
10. Transatlantic Exchanges

Muir, Nancy C. - Computers For Seniors For Dummies, ebook

Computers For Seniors For Dummies

Muir, Nancy C.


The bestselling guide to choosing a computer and getting online, fully updated for Windows 8!
Whether you use your computer for bookkeeping, making travel plans, socializing, shopping, or just plain fun, computers are now an essential part of daily life. But it can be overwhelming to

Black, Paul - The Challenge of Teaching, ebook

The Challenge of Teaching

Black, Paul


The Implementation of Computers in Middle School Classrooms
Tessa Elizabeth Castle
13. Online Gaming
Naomi Andreae
14. ICT–The Dawn of a New Age of Teaching or the Barrier to Successful Quality Teaching?

Wan, Xiaofeng - Electrical Power Systems and Computers, ebook

Electrical Power Systems and Computers

Wan, Xiaofeng


Audiometry for Teaching Experiment in PowerLab Systems
Marek Penhaker, Jan Kijonka
108. Phase Selection Component for Power Line Protection in Smart Grid
Wang Su-hua, Zhou Xin, Liu Zhong-jing, Liu Jing
109. Model-Based Vehicle Trajectory and Its Properties

Hartmann, Werner - Enseigner l’informatique, ebook

Enseigner l’informatique

Hartmann, Werner


Table of contents
Première partie. Classification et délimitation
1. L’objet du cours d’informatique, c’est l’informatique!
Werner Hartmann, Michael Näf, Raimond Reichert
2. Les enseignants d’informatique enseignent l’informatique