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Beck, Heather - Teaching Creative Writing, ebook

Teaching Creative Writing

Beck, Heather


A Short History of Creative Writing in British Universities
Graeme Harper
3. A Short History of Creative Writing in America
DeWitt Henry
4. On the Reform of Creative Writing
David G. Myers
Part II. Workshops
5. Creative Writing

Briquet-Duhazé, Sophie - From Reading-Writing Research to Practice, ebook

From Reading-Writing Research to Practice

Briquet-Duhazé, Sophie


Teachers regularly seek to update their practice with newly-developed tools from the realm of research, with the aim of applying them directly in the classroom, particularly for teaching reading and writing. Thus, teachers’ continuing education is

Flynn, Naomi - The Learning and Teaching of Reading and Writing, ebook

The Learning and Teaching of Reading and Writing

Flynn, Naomi


The analysis is informed by contemporary research into the development and teaching of early literacy.
The book provides practice-based examples of how teachers and schools might adapt their delivery for literacy as they move to greater creativity in their

Marsh, Nicky - Teaching Modernist Poetry, ebook

Teaching Modernist Poetry

Marsh, Nicky


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Pedagogy and Poetics
Nicky Marsh
2. The Elusive Allusion: Poetry and Exegesis
Peter Nicholls
3. Politics and Modernist Poetics
Drew Milne
4. Science and Poetry
Michael H. Whitworth
5. ‘The New Comes Forward’: Anglo-American Modernist Women Poets