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Gray, John - Critical Perspectives on Language Teaching Materials, ebook

Critical Perspectives on Language Teaching Materials

Gray, John


Critically Evaluating Materials for CLIL: Practitioners’ Practices and Perspectives
Tom Morton
7. Communicating Constructions of Frenchness through Language Coursebooks: A Comparison
Simon Coffey
8. Spanish Imagined: Political and Subjective Approaches

Doughty, Catherine J. - The Handbook of Language Teaching, ebook

The Handbook of Language Teaching

Doughty, Catherine J.


A comprehensive reference work on language teaching, which combines the latest research findings, coverage of core topics, and examples of teaching experience from a variety of languages and settings
Provides a unique breadth

Hampel, Regine - Developing Online Language Teaching, ebook

Developing Online Language Teaching

Hampel, Regine


Online Language Teaching: The Learner’s Perspective
Linda Murphy
5. Transforming Teaching: New Skills for Online Language Learning Spaces
Ursula Stickler, Regine Hampel
6. Free Online Training Spaces for Language

Marsh, Nicky - Teaching Modernist Poetry, ebook

Teaching Modernist Poetry

Marsh, Nicky


Reading and Writing Through Found Materials: From Modernism to Contemporary Practice
Redell Olsen
10. Experiment in Practice and Speculation in Poetics
Robert Sheppard
11. Wreading, Writing, Wresponding
Charles Bernstein
12. Conclusion: the

Bleistein, Tasha - One-on-One Language Teaching and Learning, ebook

One-on-One Language Teaching and Learning

Bleistein, Tasha


Choosing Materials and Structuring Sessions
Tasha Bleistein, Marilyn Lewis
8. Teaching One-on-One Sessions
Tasha Bleistein, Marilyn Lewis
9. Technology and One-on-One Teaching
Tasha Bleistein, Marilyn Lewis
10. Focus on Skills
Tasha Bleistein,

Adamson, John - Innovating EFL Teaching in Asia, ebook

Innovating EFL Teaching in Asia

Adamson, John


Training the Pesantren: Intercultural Materials for Islamic Boarding Schools in Indonesia
Gillian Palmer, Itje Chodidjah
5. Language Learning Styles and Beliefs of EFL University Students in Korea: Are They Really Stereotypical?
Theron Muller, Steven Herder,