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Anthony, Alan - 190 Ready-to-Use Activities That Make Math Fun!, ebook

190 Ready-to-Use Activities That Make Math Fun!

Anthony, Alan


This unique resource provides 190 high-interest, ready-to-use activities to help students master basic math skills— including whole numbers, decimals, fractions, percentages, money concepts, geometry and measurement, charts and graphs, and pre-algebra

Cai, Jinfa - Early Algebraization, ebook

Early Algebraization

Cai, Jinfa


Functional Thinking as a Route Into Algebra in the Elementary Grades
Maria L. Blanton, James J. Kaput
3. Developing Students’ Algebraic Thinking in Earlier Grades: Lessons from China and Singapore
Jinfa Cai, Swee Fong Ng, John C. Moyer
4. Developing