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Conrad, Joseph - The Tale, ebook

The Tale

Conrad, Joseph


The Tale is the only work of Conrad set during the First World War. To accommodate the desire of his beloved, the captain of a ship tells a story of honour and death. A captain in the Royal Navy during a reconnaissance, notice a mysterious boat in the mist. To determine whether this is an

Twain, Mark - A Dog's Tale, ebook

A Dog's Tale

Twain, Mark


Twain’s Dog's Tale is told from the perspective of a faithful pet, a bastard dog. The story begins with a description of the life of the puppy dog and its separation from its mother which it could not explain itself. When a fire breaks out, the dog risks its life to save the child. Its

Kivy, Peter - Once-Told Tales: An Essay in Literary Aesthetics, ebook

Once-Told Tales: An Essay in Literary Aesthetics

Kivy, Peter


Drawing comparisons with other art forms, this book examines the role of aesthetic features in silent reading, such as narrative structure, and the core experience of reading a novel as a story rather than a scholarly exercise. Focuses on the experience…

Jacobs, Joseph - Celtic Fairy Tales, ebook

Celtic Fairy Tales

Jacobs, Joseph


This collection of Celtic Fairy tales was put together by noted Celtic expert Joseph Jacobs in the late 19th and early 20th Century. Including famous legends such as 'Conal Hammerclaw' and 'The Sea Maiden', this book will excite and delight fans of the Celtic arts, those who appreciate

Alcott, Louisa M. - The Sculptor's Story (The Tale of a Virgin), ebook

The Sculptor's Story (The Tale of a Virgin)

Alcott, Louisa M.


Aldrich’sThe Sculptor's Story is the tale of two friends who love the same woman and the Arts. The beautiful young girl marries the protagonist, but she platonically and secretly loves the other one. The wedding day the groom discovers that his trust was betrayed. He leaves the young girl

Alcott, Louisa M. - The Critic's Story (Tale of an Actress), ebook

The Critic's Story (Tale of an Actress)

Alcott, Louisa M.


Mildred Aldrich’s The Critic's Story opens as a Chinese box. A young woman, Margaret Dillon, sacrifices her love to dedicate herself to her profession as an actress. When she becomes a diva she learns of his death. She is distraught and motionless before…

Hartland, Edwin Sidney - The Science of Fairy Tales, ebook

The Science of Fairy Tales

Hartland, Edwin Sidney


A fascinating look at the mythology of fairytales by famed folklorist Edwin Sidney Hartland, who takes the approach of assembling and studying persistent and widespread folklore in an attempt to provide a scientific insight into belief systems.

Jacobs, Joseph - English Fairy Tales, ebook

English Fairy Tales

Jacobs, Joseph


Forty-three traditional English fairytales collected by famed folklorist Joseph Jacobs. Contains childhood favourites such as Jack and the Beanstalk, the Three Little Pigs and Tom Thumb, as well as some forgotten classics like The Well of the World's…