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Coleman, Les - Why Managers and Companies Take Risks, ebook

Why Managers and Companies Take Risks

Coleman, Les


Risk-Taking and Organisation Performance
6. Published Models of Decision Making Under Risk
7. Why Managers Take Risks
8. How Companies Control Risks
9. Summary and Discussion
10. Risk Budget Theory
11. Conclusions

Grothaus, Michael - Taking Your OS X Lion to the Max, ebook

Taking Your OS X Lion to the Max

Grothaus, Michael


Using Mission Control, Spaces, Exposé, and Dashboard
Michael Grothaus, Steve Sande, Dave Caolo
7. Mail
Michael Grothaus, Steve Sande, Dave Caolo
8. Organizing Your Life with Address Book and iCal
Michael Grothaus, Steve Sande, Dave Caolo

Chriss, James J. - Social Control: An Introduction, ebook

Social Control: An Introduction

Chriss, James J.


What is social control? How do social controls become part of everyday life? What role does the criminal justice system play in exerting control? Is the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness a form of social control?

Bennett, Frances G - Total Control, ebook

Total Control

Bennett, Frances G


Karen’s father is in thrall to Michael and does not object when his daughter is taken away. Michael craves his ‘ideal woman’ and plans to go to greatest lengths with Karen until his goal is achieved! Meanwhile Karen’s friend Delia wants to take

Wang, Wego - Mechatronics and Automatic Control Systems, ebook

Mechatronics and Automatic Control Systems

Wang, Wego


The Temperature/Humidity Control System of Equipment Warehouse Based on Fuzzy Control Algorithm
Jinhua Liu, Guoquan Ren, Guang Tian, Yunguang Qi
14. A Node Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization