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Cappanera, Paola - Health Care Systems Engineering, ebook

Health Care Systems Engineering

Cappanera, Paola


Handling Time-Related Demands in the Home Care Nurse-to-Patient Assignment Problem with the Implementor-Adversarial Approach
Giuliana Carello, Ettore Lanzarone, Daniele Laricini, Mara Servilio
9. A Cardinality-Constrained Robust Approach for the Ambulance Location

Harrington, J. Timothy - Great Health Care, ebook

Great Health Care

Harrington, J. Timothy


Why Has the US Health System Become What It Is?
J. Timothy Harrington
4. Making Chronic Disease Care Great
J. Timothy Harrington
5. Building Systems of Care
Eric D. Newman
6. Problem Solving
Eric D. Newman
7. Testing and Implementing

Ash, Joan S. - Transforming Health Care Through Information, ebook

Transforming Health Care Through Information

Ash, Joan S.


Managing Success: An Information Systems Dilemma at Great Plains Health Care
Tracy O'Connor, John Hawkins, Kathy Hornby
Section III. Implementation
8. Introduction
Jonathan Einbinder
9. Bar Coding: It's Hard to Kill a Hippo
Margaret Keller,