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Cheng, Yiyun - Dendrimer-Based Drug Delivery Systems: From Theory to Practice, ebook

Dendrimer-Based Drug Delivery Systems: From Theory to Practice

Cheng, Yiyun


The opportunities and challenges of using dendrimers to improve drug delivery
Among pharmaceutical and biomedical researchers, the use of dendrimers in drug delivery systems has attracted increasing interest. In particular, researchers have noted that the volume of a dendrimer increases

Blaschke, Thomas - Object-Based Image Analysis, ebook

Object-Based Image Analysis

Blaschke, Thomas


Object-based image analysis for remote sensing applications: modeling reality – dealing with complexity
S. Lang
2. Progressing from object-based to object-oriented image analysis

Leondes, Cornelius T. - Intelligent Knowledge-Based Systems, ebook

Intelligent Knowledge-Based Systems

Leondes, Cornelius T.


Platform-Based Product Design and Development: Knowledge Support Strategy and Implementation
Xuan F. Zha, Ram D. Sriram
2. Knowledge Management Systems in Continuous Product Innovation
Mariano Corso, Antonella Martini,

Yao, JingTao - Web-based Support Systems, ebook

Web-based Support Systems

Yao, JingTao


Framework for Supporting Web-Based Collaborative Applications
Wei Dai
3. Helplets: A Common Sense-Based Collaborative Help Collection and Retrieval Architecture for Web-Enabled Systems
Mohammad Nauman, Shahbaz Khan,