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Sun, Baojiang - Multiphase Flow in Oil and Gas Well Drilling, ebook

Multiphase Flow in Oil and Gas Well Drilling

Sun, Baojiang


A major contribution to the state-of-the-art for those interested in multiphase flow in well-bore, drilling cutting, hydrate and/or acid gas involvements
• The author is a leading researcher on the topics presented, and his development of gas-liquid…

García-Díaz, César - Social Systems Engineering: The Design of Complexity, ebook

Social Systems Engineering: The Design of Complexity

García-Díaz, César


Uniquely reflects an engineering view to social systems in a wide variety of contexts of application
Social Systems Engineering: The Design of Complexity brings together a wide variety of application approaches to social systems from an engineering viewpoint. The book defines a social

Gero, John. S - Design Computing and Cognition '16, ebook

Design Computing and Cognition '16

Gero, John. S


Generative Shape Design Using 3D Spatial Grammars, Simulation and Optimization
Luca Zimmermann, Tian Chen, Kristina Shea
Part V. Design Cognition—Design Behaviors
17. Comparing Two Approaches to Studying Communications

Takayasu, Hideki - Practical Fruits of Econophysics, ebook

Practical Fruits of Econophysics

Takayasu, Hideki


Quantitative Forecasting and Modeling Stock Price Fluctuations
Serge Hayward
18. Time series of stock price and of two fractal overlap: Anticipating market crashes?
Bikas K. Chakrabarti, Arnab Chatterjee, Pratip Bhattacharyya
19. Short Time Segment

Margottini, Claudio - Landslide Science and Practice, ebook

Landslide Science and Practice

Margottini, Claudio


Effects of Parameters in Landslide Simulation Model LS-RAPID on the Dynamic Behaviour of Earthquake-Induced Rapid Landslides
Bin He, Kyoji Sassa, Maja Ostric, Kaoru Takara, Yosuke Yamashiki
18. Different Methods to Produce Distributed Soil Thickness Maps and