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Shah, Sunil - Sustainable Refurbishment, ebook

Sustainable Refurbishment

Shah, Sunil

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This guide to green 'retro-fitting' for corporate real estate, facility managers and occupiers struggling to reduce their building’s carbon footprint will help in the planning and management of a sustainable refurbishment programme.
Facilities managers have a key role in improving

Lichtfouse, Eric - Sustainable Agriculture Reviews, ebook

Sustainable Agriculture Reviews

Lichtfouse, Eric


Crop and Soil Management Zone Delineation Based on Soil Property or Yield Classification
Michael S. Cox, Patrick D. Gerard
10. The Vine Functioning Pathway, A New Conceptual Representation
Cécile Coulon-Leroy, René Morlat, Gérard Barbeau, Christian

McLellan, Benjamin - Sustainable Future for Human Security, ebook

Sustainable Future for Human Security

McLellan, Benjamin


The Framework of Sustainable Temporary Public Open Space Concept (Case Study: Paseban Kampung, Jakarta, Indonesia)
Siti Sujatini
10. Ethnic Differences in Satisfaction with the Attractiveness of Tropical Urban Parks
Huda Farhana Mohamad Muslim, Noor Azlin

Dastbaz, Mohammad - Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design, ebook

Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design

Dastbaz, Mohammad


Double-Skin Façades for the Sustainable Refurbishment of Non-domestic Buildings: A Life Cycle Environmental Impact Perspective
Francesco Pomponi, Poorang A. E. Piroozfar, Eric R. P. Farr
7. Off-the-Shelf Solutions to the Retrofit Challenge: Thermal Performance

Struble, Leslie - Materials for Sustainable Infrastructure, ebook

Materials for Sustainable Infrastructure

Struble, Leslie


Use of Rice Husk Ash (RHA) as a Sustainable Cementitious Material for Concrete Construction
Mohammad Badrul Ahsan, Zahid Hossain
13. Behavior of SCC Incorporating Granulated Blast Furnace Slag and Ground Clay Brick Powders at High Temperatures
M. H. Seleem,