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Schein, Edgar H. - The Corporate Culture Survival Guide, ebook

The Corporate Culture Survival Guide

Schein, Edgar H.


Effective, sustainable cultural change requires evolution, not disruption
The Corporate Culture Survival Guide is the essential primer and practical guide every organization needs. Corporate culture pioneer Edgar

Porter, Kathryn - Dental Nurse Survival Guide, ebook

Dental Nurse Survival Guide

Porter, Kathryn


This highly practical text aims to provide the newly qualified dental nurse with with a basic guide to dental nursing issues. The Dental Nurse Survival Guide adopts the same Q&A format that has proven so successful

Fowler, John - Staff Nurse Survival Guide, ebook

Staff Nurse Survival Guide

Fowler, John


This handy second edition uses the same easy to read question and answer format as the first, containing over 80 questions and answers from 19 different specialists. It is divided into five chapters and covers topics such as:- Dealing with complaints,…

Kanigel, Rachele - The Student Newspaper Survival Guide, ebook

The Student Newspaper Survival Guide

Kanigel, Rachele


The Student Newspaper Survival Guide has been extensively updated to cover recent developments in online publishing, social media, mobile journalism, and multimedia storytelling; at the same time, it continues to serve as an essential reference on all