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Bauman, Zygmunt - Liquid Surveillance: A Conversation, ebook

Liquid Surveillance: A Conversation

Bauman, Zygmunt

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Surveillance spreads in hitherto unimaginable ways, responding to and reproducing the slippery nature of modern life, seeping into areas where it once had only marginal sway.
In this book the surveillance analysis of David

Beneden, Chris A. Van - Infectious Disease Surveillance, ebook

Infectious Disease Surveillance

Beneden, Chris A. Van

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This fully updated edition of Infectious Disease Surveillance is for frontline public health practitioners, epidemiologists, and clinical microbiologists who are engaged in communicable disease control. It is also a foundational text for trainees in public health, applied epidemiology,

Roberts, Peder - The Surveillance Imperative, ebook

The Surveillance Imperative

Roberts, Peder


Surveillance Strategies to Control Natural Resources
2. From the Ground Up: Uranium Surveillance and Atomic Energy in Western Europe
Matthew Adamson, Lino Cambrubí, Simone Turchetti
3. Underground and Underwater: Oil

Bourlai, Thirimachos - Surveillance in Action, ebook

Surveillance in Action

Bourlai, Thirimachos


Surveillance of Human Features
1. A Survey of Using Biometrics for Smart Visual Surveillance: Gait Recognition
Imed Bouchrika
2. Comparative Face Soft Biometrics for Human Identification
Nawaf Yousef Almudhahka,

Buckeridge, David L. - Disease Surveillance: A Public Health Informatics Approach, ebook

Disease Surveillance: A Public Health Informatics Approach

Buckeridge, David L.

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The overall objective of this book is to present the various components (research, development, implementation, and operational strategies) of effective disease surveillance programs at all levels of government. With contributions from fifteen noted experts in the fields of medicine, epidemiology,

Frisen, Marianne - Financial Surveillance, ebook

Financial Surveillance

Frisen, Marianne


This is the first book-length treatment of statistical surveillance methods used in financial analysis. It contains carefully selected chapters written by specialists from both fields and strikes a balance between the financial and statistical worlds, enhancing future collaborations

Beneden, Chris A. Van - Infectious Disease Surveillance, ebook

Infectious Disease Surveillance

Beneden, Chris A. Van


This unique book covers many major disease surveillance systems, drawing on the experiences of leading experts from around the world. Beginning with an overview of the newly revised International Health Regulations from the World Health Organization, the book progresses to explore

Bright, Roselie A. - Medical Device Epidemiology and Surveillance, ebook

Medical Device Epidemiology and Surveillance

Bright, Roselie A.


Medical Device Epidemiology and Surveillance is the first book to provide an overview of medical device epidemiology and surveillance as well as perspectives from regulatory agencies, the medical device industry, the health insurance

Denecke, Kerstin - Event-Driven Surveillance, ebook

Event-Driven Surveillance

Denecke, Kerstin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kerstin Denecke
2. The Task of Surveillance
Kerstin Denecke
3. Information Sources for Surveillance
Kerstin Denecke
4. Surveillance Methods
Kerstin Denecke
5. An Example: Disease Surveillancefrom Web 2.0
Kerstin Denecke
6. Future Challenges

Flynn, Susan - Spaces of Surveillance, ebook

Spaces of Surveillance

Flynn, Susan


‘She’s not There’—Shallow Focus on Privacy, Surveillance, and Emerging Techno-Mediated Modes of Being in Spike Jonze’s Her
William Thomas McBride
5. Surveillance in Zero Dark Thirty: Terrorism, Space and Identity
Frances Pheasant-Kelly