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Kerr, Gordon - Submission, ebook


Kerr, Gordon


In a world where the slaves are under the rule of their African masters, a young man learns the secret of why he is dismissed each time the Landlord’s agent visits his mother. In this world people suffer horribly under the rule of the masters, a world…

Lewis, Francesca - Selina's Submission, ebook

Selina's Submission

Lewis, Francesca


Slowly he and his friends draw her into a world where only her total submission will earn approval. Soon she is enslaved by the shameful dark pleasures Oliver supplies and the bittersweet ecstasy that punishment for failure brings, but will she ever reach the degree

Anderssen, Lia - Sweet Submission, ebook

Sweet Submission

Anderssen, Lia


The question is, will she resist the perverse desires that inhabit her lovely body, or will she surrender to the sweet submission of a life of slavery and debauchery?

Malin, Peter - The Heat of Submission, ebook

The Heat of Submission

Malin, Peter


And then the final ultimatum, report for a weekend of total submission or have everything spilled to the authorities and the police. She agrees and finds herself in a penthouse apartment with a masked man. After a weekend of total submission,

Justine, Jennifer - Nina's Submission, ebook

Nina's Submission

Justine, Jennifer


Nina is a dominatrix who enjoys her work to the full, but when Raffy Carruthers employs her to seek out a painting acquired by a wealthy German, she finds an unfamiliar role for herself will be needed if she is to succeed. For Manfred is a dominant sadist…

Lund, Elena - Submission - Erotic Short Story, ebook

Submission - Erotic Short Story

Lund, Elena


They step right into a dark and beautiful world filled with freedom, lust and submission, and they alternate between being dominant and dominated. Submission is a short story about daring to overcome boundaries together, letting

Downes, Nick - Lured Into Submission, ebook

Lured Into Submission

Downes, Nick


Margaret is married to an aristocrat who treats her like a slave, which, in some strange way, she rather enjoys. But her husband has darker plans than she ever dreamt of. Her orders are to find a beautiful, innocent victim and she sets her sights on the…

Sharawi, Huda - Women between Submission and Freedom, ebook

Women between Submission and Freedom

Sharawi, Huda


Table of contents
1. The Eastern Community
Huda Sharawi
2. Behind all Eyes is a Story
Huda Sharawi
3. Women within History
Huda Sharawi
4. Abrahamic (Monotheistic) Religions and Women
Huda Sharawi
5. The Weird Creature