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Liu, Sheng - Freeform Optics for LED Packages and Applications, ebook

Freeform Optics for LED Packages and Applications

Liu, Sheng


A practical introduction to state-of-the-art freeform optics design for LED packages and applications
By affording designers the freedom to create complex, aspherical optical surfaces with minimal or no aberrations, freeform design transcends the constraints imposed by hundreds of years

Perez, Katherine - The Co-Teaching Book of Lists, ebook

The Co-Teaching Book of Lists

Perez, Katherine


Topics covered include: roles and responsibilities; setting up the classroom; establishing classroom climate; effective accommodations and modifications for students; goal-setting; negotiating conflicts; scheduling issues; and more.Author Katherine Perez is a popular

James, Judith - Entrepreneurial Learning City Regions, ebook

Entrepreneurial Learning City Regions

James, Judith


Entrepreneurial Learning for Sustainable Futures
Alyson Jenkins
5. Lifelong Learning for All: Our City’s Future
Raúl Valdés-Cotera, Mo Wang
Part II. Entrepreneurial Skills and Attitudes
6. Entrepreneurial

Howlett, Robert J. - Smart Education and e-Learning 2016, ebook

Smart Education and e-Learning 2016

Howlett, Robert J.


Smart Universities, Smart Classrooms and Students with Disabilities
Jeffrey P. Bakken, Vladimir L. Uskov, Archana Penumatsa, Aishwarya Doddapaneni
3. Innovative Approaches Toward Smart Education at National Institute of Technology, Gifu College