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Chen, Songlin - Sex Control in Aquaculture, ebook

Sex Control in Aquaculture

Chen, Songlin


A comprehensive resource that covers all the aspects of sex control in aquaculture written by internationally-acclaimed scientists
Comprehensive in scope, Sex Control in Aquaculture first explains the concepts and rationale for sex

Attwood, Feona - Sex Media, ebook

Sex Media

Attwood, Feona


Media are central to our experiences and understandings of sex, whether in the form of familiar 'mainstream' genres, pornographies and other sex genres, or the new zones, interactions and technosexualities made possible by the internet and mobile devices.

Beech, Anthony R. - Assessing Risk in Sex Offenders: A Practitioner's Guide, ebook

Assessing Risk in Sex Offenders: A Practitioner's Guide

Beech, Anthony R.


Assessing Risk in Sex Offenders: A Practitioner's Guide is a handy resource for forensic practitioners responsible for assessing an managing sexual offenders at risk of recidivism. It covers the risk factors associated with sexual recidivism, evaluates risk assessment approaches and offers

Haltinner, Kristin - Teaching Gender and Sex in Contemporary America, ebook

Teaching Gender and Sex in Contemporary America

Haltinner, Kristin


The Mis-education of Lady Gaga: Confronting Essentialist Claims in the Sex and Gender Classroom
Andrea D. Miller
3. Performances of Pronouns: Using Feminist Post-structuralism to Explore the Social Construction of Gender
Alison Happel-Parkins
4. Undoing

Rowland, Neil - Noah's Heart, ebook

Noah's Heart

Rowland, Neil


With an unusual and atmospheric setting around Bristol, England, we are invited into the unique and colourful world of Noah Sheer: keen balloonist, former student activist, ardent music fan, and a concerned father of three children. An ideal romantic getaway to Crete