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Ushioda, Ema - International Perspectives on Motivation, ebook

International Perspectives on Motivation

Ushioda, Ema


Cultural Challenges, Identity and Motivation in State School EFL
Martin Lamb, Budiyanto
3. Listening to Romanian Teenagers: Lessons in Motivation and ELT Methodology
Florentina Taylor
4. From Bilingual Francophones

Elliott, Julian G. - Motivation, Engagement and Educational Performance, ebook

Motivation, Engagement and Educational Performance

Elliott, Julian G.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Julian G. Elliott, Neil R. Hufton, Wayne Willis, Leonid Illushin
2. Psychological Theories of Achievement Motivation
Julian G. Elliott, Neil R. Hufton, Wayne Willis, Leonid Illushin
3. Culture and Practice in Education
Julian G. Elliott, Neil R. Hufton, Wayne Willis,

Gottfried, Adele E. - Academic Motivation and the Culture of Schooling, ebook

Academic Motivation and the Culture of Schooling

Gottfried, Adele E.


Decades of research indicate the important connections among academic motivation and achievement, social relationships, and school culture. However, much of this research has been conducted in homogenous American schools serving middle class, average achieving, Anglo-student

Christenson, Sandra L. - Handbook of Research on Student Engagement, ebook

Handbook of Research on Student Engagement

Christenson, Sandra L.


Developmental Dynamics of Student Engagement, Coping, and Everyday Resilience
Ellen A. Skinner, Jennifer R. Pitzer
3. Engagement Across Developmental Periods
Duhita Mahatmya, Brenda J. Lohman, Jennifer L. Matjasko, Amy Feldman Farb
4. Ethnicity and

Toivola, Marika - Flipped Learning in Finland, ebook

Flipped Learning in Finland

Toivola, Marika


It emphasises a human approach to learning and the student's freedom to learn. In flipped learning, teachers have more time to communicate with their students as individuals, and the students

Biberman, Jerry - Stories to Tell Your Students, ebook

Stories to Tell Your Students

Biberman, Jerry


Table of contents
Part I. Formal Workplace Reflection Stories
1. Powerful or Influential?
Joan Marques
2. The “Me” Place
Jerry Biberman
3. Don’t Fix What Ain’t Broken!
Thomas A. Conklin
4. I Bet You Never Had a Cat Thrown at You in Your Job
Gary Stark
5. Being the Boss isn’t Easy